Manuscript Archive

The manuscript archive contains tradition records, interviews, fieldwork material and directive replies. 

The interviews are in most cases conducted by researchers and students in ethnology at Lund University. All material is searchable. In the menu to the right, the oldest documents are available in pdf format. Documents that are fifty years old or younger can be obtained by the archivists. The manuscript archive is searchable via two databases: M-ark and Real.

Search available in Swedish only

M-ark, select: (logga in som gäst)

The M-ark register is the current register for the Manuscript Archive and continuous material is added. 

Real, select: (logga in som gäst)

The Real register is a copy of the  "Real Catalog". It was developed in the 1930s and systematises Swedish peasant culture before the industrial era. The register was kept until around 1960 and includes information in the Manuscript Archive's collections from the founding of the Folklife Archives in 1913.


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