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A Work Song A “WORK SONG" by Matti Larsson & Nihal Ragab. 2010.

This short movie is an attempt to study sound & its socio-ecological implications, within a comparative framework of "work songs" from the States, Sweden & Egypt, including a specific part on “street calls”.

Independently designed by Matti Larsson and Nihal Ragab, the project was carried out as part of the Lund University Master's Programme in Human Ecology "Culture, Power & Sustainability" (as a final examination project for the course "Lifestyle, Consumption and Identity"). With kind assistance from music archivist Patrik Sandgren, the film is to a great part based upon archive material from the Scania Music Collections.

Examples from the Scania Music Collections

Karnevalen i Hovmantorp, Småland 1993 

Karnevalen i Hovmantorp, Småland 1950-tal

(with permission from Hovmantorp-Furuby hembygdsförening)

Husarvisa Song. Acc no: SMS VF 03 (Sandby mosse, Södra Sandby, Skåne 1983)

Fars vals Magdeburger accordion. Acc no: SMS VF 09 (Ulvaboda, Kyrkhult, Blekinge 1983)

Luffarvalsen Violin. Acc no: SMS VF 08 (Bjärsjölagård, Kärrstorp, Skåne 1983)

Fyrdans from Szék, Transsylvanien. Folkdansföreningen Forrás. Acc no: SMS VF 23 (Lund, Skåne 2009)

Barsebäcksmarchen according to Per Munkberg. Malmö spelmanslag. Spelmanståg till Nils Anderssons grav. Nils Anderssonstämman 2009. Acc no: SMS VF 29 (Hofterup, Skåne 2009)

Gymnasieavslutning Lund 2013. Acc no: SMS 268

8mm film projector
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