The Berndtsson family

Since 2015 Patrik Sandgren and the Scania Music Collections are preoccupied with a special project concerning the Berndtsson family. The project has included several interviews next to gathering of sheet music, lyrics, photographs etc.

Patrik Sandgren has until now written three articles on the subject (Upptecknaren 2015-2016, Upptecknaren 2017 & Upptecknaren 2020). The first article focused at the time period from the end of the 19th century until the outbrake of world war two, the other one aims approximately at the time period from the end of world war two until the end of the 1960s. The third article is about the national fiddler Edvin Lindberg.

The first article specially dealed with the life and music of Guntram Berndtsson (1904-1934). Guntram was the second youngest child of the national fiddler Per Joel Berndtsson (1853-1942) and his wife Elna (1866-1956). Guntram died early from heart-disease but nevertheless he recorded several items. The second article deals more more with the other sibblings (including their children) with Margot Berndtsson (1906-1969) as the leading lady.

The reason for beginning the project was that representatives of the Berndtsson family contacted the Folklife Archives with the Scania Music Collections and asked for help with documentation of the family history. In 2019 the archive has supported a production of a poetry book, written in dialect by Ethel Johannesdotter-Eliasson (1926-2019), granddaughter of Per Joel and Elna.

Parts of the Berndtsson family. Probably 1933. The Scania Music Collections.