Themed directives

The Folklife Archives was founded in 1913 as a part of Lund University. Themed directives were used from the start but irregularly. From the 1930's onwards the directives began to be used on a regular basis. A network of correspondents, a writers panel, reply to the directives. Formerly, the correspondents reported not only their own experience but also other people's experiences from their home locations. Today, the writers' panel focuses on writing about their individual experiences. Since 2017, some directives have been published on the web to be available for public replies without identifying the writers. 

LUF (Lund University Folklife Archives) directives are the most common type of directives published; they are either initiated by the Archives or by request from a research group or researcher. The Archives work in close collaboratin with the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University. 

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