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Oresund Bridge

An ethnological analysis of expectations and concerns about the Oresund Bridge

In 1999, the archive worked with a research and documentation project concerning the permanent connection between Malmö and Copenhagen; the building of a bridge across the Oresund Strait. The project was a cooperation with the City Museum in Malmö, as well as the National Museum and City Museum in Copenhagen, and it was funded for the most part by the Oresund Consortium. The purpose of the project was to document and analyze the attitude to the bridge, expectations as well as concerns. What benefits would it bring for economy, culture, education etc? How would it affect the commuting across the strait? Would it affect language and identity in the immediate area? How would the environment in and around the strait be affected? Many probably considered the building project as "a bridge into the future" or "a bridge into Europe". The material was collected using interviews and the questionnaire: Luf 201, The bridge between Sweden and Denmark, published in Denmark and South Sweden.

Projektet i LUM nr 1, 1998