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Bikes and cyclists yesterday, today, tomorrow

For more than a century, the bike has been used by young and old, women and men, in the city and in the countryside, at work and at leisure. With the bike, the motion space is expanded, both literally and figuratively. It's no exaggeration to say that the bike has played a decisive role in the development of modern Sweden. However, the importance of the bike and the view on bicycling is different, both in time and in space.

Bicycles and cyclists yesterday, today, tomorrow is a documentation project run by the Folklife Archives in Lund since autumn 2012. The purpose is to gather stories, memories and thoughts about cycling from now and then. If you are interested in participating, you are welcome to share your bike story. You can write far or short, concentrate your story to one or more themes, share your story about something that happened a long time ago or recently. All aspects of cycling are of interest!

Send your story to: Folklivsarkivet, Box 117, 221 00 Lund or

Theme suggestions are:
• My first bike
• The bike as a tool
• Exercise cycling a
• Bike holiday
• Bicyckle cummuniting
• Bike equipment
• My life as a cyclist
• Traffic and safety
• Health and environment
• Bicycle decks
• I never forget that bike ride
• A bike I remember

The collected material is archived and becomes available to the Folkllife Archive users. We also welcome photos related to your story. If possible, state the photographer's name and how the archive and its users may use the photographs in books, articles, and on the web. The Archive can scan the photographs, if you would like them in return.

The documentation project is linked to a research project planned at the Department of Cultural Sciences at Lund University. Contact persons are Charlotte Hagström and Lars-Eric Jönsson:,